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About Me.



Daisy O'Neill 


MSc, BSc Industrial Design Eindhoven University of Technology
The Netherlands


PhD Candidate 
Eindhoven University of Technology
& Philips Healthcare

Designing for
Healthcare Transformation

My Vision 

The role of the designer in society becomes increasingly important as we face multifaceted and complex challenges such as increasingly burdened healthcare systems.   As designers, we are positioned to support this future, as we are comfortable with the ambiguous nature of these challenges, and are able to approach them from both a macro and a micro perspective. We must also have the sensitivity and critical thinking skills to challenge and transform systems which are not working, identifying who is being left out and why.

In designing for healthcare transformation, I see a need for radical innovation. Incremental innovation builds and improves upon that which already exists, however, we have built our western systems of health innovations within the structures of technocratic patriarchy for so long that I think we must shift towards radical, meaning-driven innovation. I believe that design should not strip away the context and complexity of the beings we’re designing for, but rather celebrate the lived reality of people so as not to perpetuate systems of oppression. I am passionate about working towards a future where health technologies do not oppress, but rather act as tools of liberation.

To do so, I believe that a feminist perspective should be integrated from the bottom up in all that we do, especially in practice and not just as an “academic add on”. We must question the fundamental assumptions which affect our designs, dedicating time to understanding the historical perspective of the context we are working on, drawing from social science, and asking who wrote the pervasive narrative? What was its purpose? By incorporating care, advocacy and trouble into our design processes, we can produce more equitable and value based outcomes for everyone.

Design Researcher for healthcare

Who I am 

As a human-centered design researcher for healthcare, I love to work with people, in all of their messy and complicated glory. As the socio-technical healthcare systems we build increase in complexity, they become increasingly difficult to navigate. This can mean that we lose sight of the interwoven human experiences, decreasing the value design can provide and negatively impacting health outcomes.


I consciously use feminist, anti-racist and inclusive practices as foundations for all work that I do, and I am committed to life long learning in these areas. This means that I show up with my whole whole self, am honest about not knowing, and work hard to create a safe space to engage with tough conversations. I believe in holding each other accountable. When the uncomfortable feeling of accountability takes hold, I lean in, listen, critically reflect on my own work, and work to do better right away.


I get a lot of energy from collaborating with others who are passionate about the work they do, regardless of their field and I thrive in a multidisciplinary environment. Ultimately, I have the expertise, language and sensitivity to bridge disciplines, and I am confident to lead design processes solo, or with a group.

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Masters Thesis 2021
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