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Design Innovation Strategies

Grade: 8

Competency Areas Built

  • Business + Entrepreneurship

  • Design + Research Processes

  • User + Society


In Design Innovation Strategies, we were challenged to create a unique business and value proposition in response to the Corona Pandemic. We designed a subscription service which sent curated company culture packages direct to employees at home, and an online platform with curated company culture activities to boost social connection during the isolation. This course focused on extensive use of the value proposition canvas, a cohesive and detailed go to market plan, a budget and profit estimations and a unique financial model. To learn more about our product and process, please watch the video or read the full report. 


Hypothesis-Driven Entrepreneurship has really opened my eyes to a new way of approaching a design problem from the business perspective. To me, HDE offers a very logical, and common sense way to incorporate the user testing approaches that I already know, into the process of building a new business idea. The first key lesson that I have learned is that until you test with real users, you are only using assumptions to form hypotheses. Since designers, and humans in general, use biased thought processes, these claims should not hold real weight in your decision making process until you have validated them with experiments.

"Your presentation of market research and customer research outcomes is well structured and impressive. The presentation of evidence and business strategy is at an excellent level." 

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