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Research Assistant

Competency Areas Built

  • Creativity + Aesthetics

  • User + Society

  • Design + Research Processes

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Research Assistant for Smart Technologies, Empowered Citizens (STEC) Project       April 2019 – Current

Eindhoven University of Technology 

Supervisor: Prof. dr. Ben Schouten

  • Thematic analysis of interview transcripts using MAXQDA.

  • Assisting with a qualitative systematic literature review on the design and deployment of (partly) digital technologies for civic communities.

  • Assisting with mapping the stakeholder contexts of co-designing with civic communities.

  • Editing papers for PhD Students for submission to conferences.

  • Writing a cahier showcasing student design project and academia-industry collaboration.


My position as a research assistant for STEC has been instrumental in my growth towards becoming a design researcher. It has introduced me to the academic community and made me feel that I had found my people. I learned how to do a literature review and what the first years of a PhD can look like. It also showed me that I am capable of thinking on the abstract level and positioning the work I do within a wider corpus of work. 


Please find the paper I published together with Gwen Klerks, Nicolai B. Hansen and Ben Schouten below, and stay tuned for a series of 5 cahiers on Smart and Civic Technologies for Citizen empowerment, coming soon!

"My best ever research assistant ... She is awesome, cheeky and so smart you can just let her do the research and lean back."

-Nicolai Hansen, STEC
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